Monday, January 5, 2009

Loomis - A Momentary Distraction

Loomis - A Momentary Distraction (2008)

This is a recording experiment consisting of songs built from scratch. Starting with drums, each instrument was then improvised or loosely written over the previous part ending with the vocals resulting in a complete song, ultimately making an album.

For fans of American Football, Don Caballero, Colossal & Owls.

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Loomis - A Momentary Distraction (2008)

1. My Tornado Is Resting
2. This Engine Is Fueled On Diesel
3. Playground, Autumn, 93
4. Cheetahs Chasing Cheetahs
5. The Vincent Price Is Right
6. Dauzat, Bill Murray & Me
7. Playing Twister In The Waiting Room To Purgatory
8. Bon Suarez, His Trustee Camel
9. Our Last Night In Morocco
10. Don't Blame Me, It Was The Lycanthropy
11. Cave Dance With Batman