Thursday, January 13, 2011

::Mix Tape:: Jan. 2011

So, I like making mix cds & i will probably put up a couple mixes for download in hopes of people finding some music that betters their lives.

These are from free mp3's on other websites promoting the artist or from the artist giving it away themselves or from awesome independent musicians. I have nothing to gain from this except knowing that someone found a new artist that they enjoy. If you dig a song and would like to find more info on the artist, just put their name in google and you will be transported to their websites where you can find out more about them, buy their merch or see some tour dates. i strongly encourage purchasing a record (LP's are nice), shirt or seeing these artists live if they are still active.

These mixtapes will be multiple generes. I might occasionally put up a sampler for a specific type of music (i plan on putting together an ultimate instrumental mix and a local NOLA sampler at some point), but the monthly mixes will be all over the place.

Indie rock, post rock, hip hop, math rock, progressive, electronic, underground, overground, oldies, newbies, unknown. all types of bad ass music.

Here is the 1st one, enjoy and remember if you like the artist, please look into them, hopefully you find some gems.


1. Nightlands - Suzerin (A Letter To The Judge)
2. Aesop Rock - Bosico
3. Stornoway - Zorbing
4. Warpaint - Bees
5. David Essex - Lamplight
6. Codes In The Clouds - Fractures
7. Washed Out - Luck
8. Blockhead - Yesterday Is Here (TomWaitsRemix)
9. Mel Torme' - Comin' Home Baby
10. Zorch - Morris The Loris
11. Isbells - Reunite
12. Whale|Horse - Pain Don't Hurt
13. Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co Workers
14. Sorry No Ferrari - Ashar
15. Medications - Long Day


:: listen to individual tracks below ::

Nightlands - Suzerin (A Letter To The Judge)

Aesop Rock - Bosico

Stornoway - Zorbing

Warpaint - Bees

David Essex - Lamplight

Codes In The Clouds - Fractures

Washed Out - Luck

Blockhead - Yesterday Is Here (TomWaitsRemix)

Mel Torme' - Comin' Home Baby

Zorch - Morris The Loris

Isbells - Reunite

Whale|Horse - Pain Don't Hurt

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co Workers

Sorry No Ferrari - Ashar

Medications - Long Day


*disclaimer* this sampler is for promotional purposes only

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