Saturday, July 16, 2011

TMF presents... Friends (A NOLA Mix)

here is a mix of some Louisiana independent music. Some acts are no longer around, some are. This should be good for sweaty summer days. if you dig the artists look them up. Most of them should be featured on this website. i hope you dig. Listen and download below

The Memory Farm presents Friends

1. Jai Alai - Radio

2. Metronome The City - A8

3. A Living Soundtrack - Baby Busby’s Modern Mobile

4. Leaving - Paranormal, Supernatural

5. High In One Eye - Jouissance

6. LoOmis - Talk Like Whales

7. Professor Luv & The Dubstronauts - All Is Well On Planet Babylon

8. Native America - Rubberjuice Man

9. BLACKbELT - A New Community

10. Wildfires - In A World Of Ghosts

11. Dongles - Purgatory

12. Autotomii - Brains

13. Caddywhompus - The Focus

14. Astronomical - The Littlest Giant

15. Man + Building - Save It For Another Night

16. Smiley With A Knife - The Real Party Is On The Balcony

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