Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jai Alai - Drive Safe (2003)

I cant say how much I adore this band and the music they created (and they're from MY fucking city, New Orleans. so upset i never got to see them) This is a full length I never knew existed. I got in touch with the singer and he told me about this record. I found it online for $5 here if you want the real thing, but as long as you hear it, you're gold.

Jai Alai - Drive Safe

Track List
01. Radio
02. Real Job
03. To Liberate
04. With The Windows Down
05. Class Location
06. Windows Down (Reprise)
07. Wicked Sweet
08. Older Cities
09. Detroit Repair Kit
10. Condor Man
11. Brut And Hairspray At A Summer Camp Dance
12. Let's Fight
13. Parking Lots
14. Accidents
15. Ocean Sized

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