Sunday, April 26, 2009

Astronomical- Nostalgia

So I play in lots of bands, but I decided to start a solo project that is far from anything I play. Astronomical is a musical journey that encourages the listeners to open their minds and take in the sound. It's calming nature provides a sense of musical therapy that creates a relaxing yet passionate environment. Check out Astronomical at

TRACK LIST: (sort by date in order to download track list in order)

1. Vaction? Nope, Evacuation
2. Hiding Under Covers
3. New Friends and Empty Words
4. Hide and Seek
5. Porcelain
6. Fabulous Things Will Come
7. Your Head on my Chest
8. Non-Stop Treadmill
9. Train Rides, Tell Secrets
10. It Puts a Smile On My Face to See You Happy, Even Without Me Around
11. Enough Is Enough
12. 10 Feet of Water Underneath Me
13. Crescent City
14. You Can Never Really Know
15. There Is a Bigger World Around Us

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