Friday, April 10, 2009


This record is truly amazing and is a staple amongst my friends and I. A real underground classic in New Orleans. This record was only burned and there is no place to purchase it. I decided I have to put it online so I can always find a copy when mine gets fucked up.

Band Members: Travis Thompson, Kevin Comarda, Kirk Estopinal, Ryan Iriarte.
They recently formed a new band called The BLACKbelt band and you can find them here.
Their new record, A New Community, was released March 17th 2009 on Sick Room Records and should be purchased here.


1. Outside People/Crash Course In Getting To Know Someone Again
2. K
3. Slithy Toves
4. Humanbeings Are Not Like Wine
5. 5ives
6. Swimming Frogs
7. Hey God

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