Friday, April 10, 2009

Jai Alai - Divison EP

My brother gave me this record years ago and told me they were local in New Orleans. I know nothing about this band all I know is that it has a major influence on me and you cant find it anywhere.

Jai Alai - Division EP

1. 84 Sold
2. Parking Lots
3. Antilles
4. No Va
5. Jacknife
6. Crawling Of Turn
7. Christmas In July

The members of Jai Alai know how to evoke a mood. Their songs are shimmering, warm, and slippery, the perfect soundtrack for introspective rainy days or dreamily soothing commutes. The cozy bass rumbles along, providing an elastic background for washes of electronics, sprinkles of guitar, and whispers of vocals. Singer/bass player Jake Springfield's breathy voice adds an appropriate touch of smoke to David Drude's crisp guitar and Jay Abbott's tight percussion. The resulting blend of post-rock and electronic music sensibilities is both creative and comforting.
Jeanne Acceturo

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