Thursday, April 16, 2009


This record is amazing. It's music Quincy Jones made for The Bill Cosby Show in 1969.

Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby - The Original Jam Sessions 1969

Part I (tracks 1-5)

Part II (tracks 6-10)

1. Hikky-Burr (Kincaid Kinfolk)
2. Groovy Gravy
3. Oh Happy Day
4. Jimmy Cookin On Top (Interlude)
5. Toe Jam
6. Jive Den
7. Eubie Walkin
8. Monty, Is That You
9. The Drawing Room (Interlude)
10. Hikky-Burr remix

These next 2 albums sound like Bill high as shit drunk on heinekens freestyling over bad ass funk music. simply put. These are really funny. Cosby parodies Barry White and James Brown.

Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days (1976)

1. Yes, Yes, Yes
2. Chick On The Side
3. Shift Down
4. I Luv Myself Better Than I Love Myself
5. Do It To Me
6. Ben
7. You're Driving Me Crazy
8. Gabage Truck Lady
9. Luv Is


Bill Cosby - Disco Bill (1977)

1. A Simple Love Affair
2. What You Think Bout Lickin' My Chicken
3. Rudy
4. Boogie On Your Face
5. Happy Birthday Momma
6. That's How I Met Your Mother
7. 1, 2, 3
8. Section #9
9. A Nasty Birthday
10. What's In A Slang



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    1. Hello and thanks a lot for this a great album!